California Whistleblower Law Protects Employees, Even When they Don’t Blow the Whistle

California whistleblower law provides some powerful protections for employees working in the Golden State. And why shouldn’t it? Whistleblowers draw attention to dangerous or unlawful issues that affect all Californians. And these brave employees often engage in whistleblowing activities despite threats to their own livelihood. Continue reading to learn a little about a landmark case

Safety Not Guaranteed

Nurse Macias’s life was turned upside down the day she was terminated. She joined the medical profession because she wanted to provide the best possible care for her patients. For twenty-five years, Nurse Macias received excellent reviews for her hard work and dedication to her patients in the Emergency Room. Nurse Macias was proud that

Where Do I Go, The EEOC or DFEH?

Sadly, many employees tolerate discriminatory, harassing, and retaliatory environments at work until they decide that they no longer can, or until they no longer have a choice. It is at this point that a decision must be made what steps to take next. The first point to note, is that in order to file a claim for one of

The Board of Registered Nursing and Preserving Your Rights as an RN

The California Legislature established the Office of Administrative Hearings in 1945. The California Office of Administrative Hearings is a quasi-judicial court that hears administrative disputes. Through its panel of approximately 80 Administrative Law Judges, the Office of Administrative Hearings conducts thousands of hearings each year for state and local government agencies. The Office of Administrative

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