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What you see below is only a small sample of our verdicts & settlements. The majority of our cases are settled for confidential terms. This list is only for illustrative purposes only. It does not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter. For more information about Lawrance Bohm’s verdicts, visit his Wikipedia page. For more information about the areas of law we practice, visit our practice areas page.


Case Results

$167,730,488 in Chopourian v. Catholic Healthcare West. 2012. This case is the second largest single-plaintiff employment verdict in United States history. Plaintiff, Ani Chopourian, was terminated from her position as a surgical physicians’ assistant in the cardiovascular surgery unit of Mercy General Hospital, a Sacramento hospital owned and operated by Catholic Healthcare West. During her employment, Chopourian was subjected to daily unwanted sexual advances, physical contact, and inappropriate and demeaning sexual comments. Chopourian was also denied meal and rest breaks required by California law. After Chopourian made several written and verbal complaints to hospital officials regarding these violations and inappropriate patient care, including surgical errors, she became the subject of unwarranted disciplinary actions in retaliation, culminating in her termination.

Nine-Figure Verdict in 2014 against a confidential defendant in a single-plaintiff employment case.

$16,000,000 class action settlement against AT&T. Of Counsel attorney, James DeSimone, obtained this settlement for computer technicians for labor code wage & hour violations. Mr. DeSimone has several additional verdicts and settlements below.

$6,241,655 in Webb v. Ramos Oil, Co. 2012. Mr. Bohm obtained a verdict on behalf of a tanker truck driver for Ramos Oil who was terminated from his employment for refusing to drive in a ferocious storm while intoxicated. Amid power outages and downed phone lines, Webb called dispatch twice worried about the severity of the weather and was told to continue driving. After his shift, Webb went to Bob’s Bar in Elk Grove and began drinking. Ramos Oil called Webb multiple times, demanding that he return to work and continue driving, but Webb refused and was fired the next Monday.

$17,000,000 class action settlement against telecom company. Of Counsel attorney, James DeSimone, obtained this settlement for computer technicians for labor code overtime violations.

$7,394,000 in Yang v. Actioned. Of Counsel attorney, James DeSimone, obtained this verdict for a help-desk technician who was terminated from his job after his manager physically attacked him.

$2,871,984 in Muniz v. Van Rein, et. al. 2016. Mr. Bohm obtained this verdict on behalf of a woman who was badly injured in a car accident and suffered from a brain injury and spinal injuries.

$1,500,000 in Cosby v. AutoZone. 2010. In February 2010, Mr. Bohm obtained a verdict on behalf of an AutoZone District Manager who alleged failure to accommodate his sleep apnea condition. The jury’s verdict included $1.3 million for emotional distress.

$12,500,000, class action settlement against CVS on behalf of pharmacists for unpaid overtime. These settlements were obtained by Of Counsel attorney, James DeSimone.

$1,368,675 in Kell v. AutoZone. 2010. Mr. Bohm obtained this verdict on behalf of an AutoZone District Manager who was terminated in retaliation for reporting unlawful harassment and discrimination by the company’s human resource manager. Defendants’ Motion for New Trial was denied even though Plaintiff received punitive damages in the maximum amount allowed by law. The court awarded an additional $780,000 in attorneys’ fees and costs. This was Verdict Search’s verdict of the month for May 2010.

$1,500,000 verdict in Roozrokh v. Loma Linda University Medical Center. Of Counsel attorney, James DeSimone, obtained this verdict on behalf of a transplant surgeon who made ethical complaints against the Director of Transplant Surgery.  The verdict included a punitive damage finding against the Director of Transplant Surgery

$1,686,000 verdict. Harris v. City of Los Angeles. Of Counsel attorney, James DeSimone, obtained this verdict for a disabled man who was subjected to excessive force by the LAPD, achieving an important precedent for reasonable accommodations to be provided to persons with disabilities.

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$10,500,000 class action settlement against AT&T for unpaid overtime. Of Counsel attorney, James DeSimone, obtained this settlement for computer technicians.

$1,107,720 verdict. Giunta v. California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. 2016. Mr. Bohm obtained this on behalf of a woman who was threatened at work by her subordinate that he would bring in a gun and shoot her after she gave him a bad performance review. Folsom State Prison failed to investigate this threat and then retaliated against Ms. Giunta for her complaints regarding the safety of the workplace.

$1,500,000 California Fair Employment & Housing Act Class Action. Fontana v. St. Joseph Hospital of Orange. Of Counsel attorney, James DeSimone, obtained this settlement plus injunctive relief based on the use of an invasive and intrusive Employment Questionnaire.

$538,372 verdict. Perry v. eGumball, Inc. 2015. Lawrance Bohm, Kelsey Ciarimboli, and Branigan Robertson obtained this verdict on behalf of a woman who was wrongfully terminated the day she returned to work from maternity leave after having a full-term stillborn child. The jury awarded $138,372 in compensatory damages and $400,000 in punitive damages.

$2,800,000 and $2,000,000 class action settlements against CVS on behalf of employee pharmacists for unpaid overtime. Of Counsel attorney, James DeSimone, obtained these settlements.

$2,100,000 jury verdict. Alicia Benham v. Walgreens et al. This was on behalf of a female customer of Walgreens for false arrest and civil rights violations. The verdict is believed to be the largest verdict ever in a false arrest case involving one night in jail. This remarkable achievement resulted in the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles nominating James DeSimone for Trial Lawyer of the Year.

$1,687,089 verdict (net $1,012,253) in Tarantino v. Sheehy. 2015. Mr. Bohm obtained this for a woman who was badly injured in a car accident and suffered spinal injuries.

$1,208,401 personal injury verdict in Samantha Elliott v. Rick Vance Trucking, et al. 2013. This verdict was for a 22-year-old woman who was driving a Nissan Maxima when Defendants’ semi-truck and trailer recklessly collided with her. Through no fault of her own, Ms. Elliott suffered painful and permanent injuries requiring her to endure a major spine surgery and ongoing medical treatment.

$2,185,000 in Lang v. Geweke Motors, Inc. 2010. Mr. Bohm obtained this personal injury verdict for a man whose lower back was injured when his Suburban SUV was hit from behind by a Honda Civic. Neither vehicle required more than minimal repairs. Plaintiff received a two level fusion within a year of the car accident & collision. This was Verdict Search’s verdict of the week in June 2010. Mr. Bohm set a second place mark in California for achieving three verdicts over one million dollars in a single year.

$2,025,000 personal injury verdict in Ieremia v. Hilmar Unified School District. 2007. Mr. Bohm obtained this for a working mother of five who was ejected during a roll-over accident resulting in painful scarring on her left side and face. The case was appealed and resulted in a published opinion affirming the verdict and clarifying the law concerning recovery for uninsured plaintiffs. Ieremia v. Hilmar Unified School District, 166 Cal.App.4th 324 (2008).

$1,200,000 verdict in Xue Lu et al. v United States America. In this terrible case, an asylum officer employed by the United States, demanded sex and money from the two plaintiff’s in return for approving asylum applications. James DeSimone’s fifteen year legal battle on behalf of the two Plaintiff’s resulted in the California Lawyer Magazine, sponsored by the State Bar of California, naming him Civil Rights Lawyer of the Year in 2014.

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