Meghan Frederick v. CA Department of Corrections Press

The Bohm Law Group‘s work on behalf of Meghan Frederick has been featured prominently in the news recently. Here are a few of the stories!

A Trip Inside the Mind of Lawrance Bohm

Lawrance Bohm has appeared on our radar recently with huge crazy verdicts, and stories about his technological prowess have been by him and discussed amongst ourselves… To read The Litigator article in full, click here: A Trip Inside the Mind of Lawrance Bohm.

Lawsuit: Union mistreated one of its own workers

…[The California Federation of Teachers] has forcefully lobbied to enact strong workplace medical disability and anti-discrimination laws. Yet, a lawsuit in Sacramento Superior Court for wrongful termination and age and gender discrimination describes an alleged Pandora’s Box of practices revealing a disconnect between what union leaders publicly proclaim and privately practice… To read the full

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