A Trip Inside the Mind of Lawrance Bohm

Lawrance Bohm has appeared on our radar recently with huge crazy verdicts, and stories about his technological prowess have been by him and discussed amongst ourselves… To read The Litigator article in full, click here: A Trip Inside the Mind of Lawrance Bohm.

Lawsuit: Union mistreated one of its own workers

…[The California Federation of Teachers] has forcefully lobbied to enact strong workplace medical disability and anti-discrimination laws. Yet, a lawsuit in Sacramento Superior Court for wrongful termination and age and gender discrimination describes an alleged Pandora’s Box of practices revealing a disconnect between what union leaders publicly proclaim and privately practice… To read the full

Over a decade, Bohm finds California foothold

During Tulane Law School’s 2014 skills-training boot camp, Sacramento attorney Lawrance Bohm (L ’00) gave civil litigation students an impromptu lesson in pretrial reality: awaiting a verdict from a California jury, he let students listen in on a conference call with the trial judge and opposing counsel when jurors sent out a written question… To

Safety Not Guaranteed

Nurse Macias’s life was turned upside down the day she was terminated. She joined the medical profession because she wanted to provide the best possible care for her patients. For twenty-five years, Nurse Macias received excellent reviews for her hard work and dedication to her patients in the Emergency Room. Nurse Macias was proud that

3 Tips for Prospective Clients

Bring all documents that relate to your employment case. Try to avoid the temptation of sorting out your documents in terms of what you the attorney will want to see and what they won’t. Many people bring certain documents to consultation, but leave others behind because they don’t think they are important enough or related to their

Where Do I Go, The EEOC or DFEH?

Sadly, many employees tolerate discriminatory, harassing, and retaliatory environments at work until they decide that they no longer can, or until they no longer have a choice. It is at this point that a decision must be made what steps to take next. The first point to note, is that in order to file a claim for one of

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