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Welcome to the Bohm Law Group homepage! We are glad you’ve decided to learn more about our legal services. What do we do? We’re employment lawyers. We represent employees in lawsuits against corporations. We help the little guys and gals… not the big companies. Our job is to pursue justice when corporations violate California’s strict employment laws. And we’re really good at it. Lawrance Bohm opened our doors in 2005 and since then we’ve broken a few records! And we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Employment law is a very broad area of law. It was designed to prevent employment violations like wrongful termination and sexual harassment. Unfortunately, there are a lot of bad bosses out there. They don’t care about the law. They think they can do whatever they want. Fortunately for you, California’s employment law provides a remedy when violations happen. If you are fired, harassed, or damaged in any way contrary to the law, you can file a lawsuit. That is where Lawrance Bohm and our team of extremely talented lawyers come in. We will represent you in court and battle with your former employer.

Serving all of California | From San Diego to Sacramento

Lawrance Bohm started the Bohm Law Group in 2005. Originally from Long Island, he came to CA in the late 1980’s where he studied criminal law as an undergrad at UCI. He obtained his law degree from Tulane University and began his legal career at a Sacramento law firm. After deciding he wanted to become an employment law attorney, Lawrance struck out on his own as a solo-practioner and founded BLG. Fast forward a decade later, and we have offices all over the State! We are proud that we can help people all throughout California.

But this firm isn’t just about Lawrance – he’d be the first to tell you that. This firm is about the efforts of dozens of talented and hardworking people. And we’re not just talking about our employment lawyers. Our law clerks, paralegals, administrative staff, and attorneys are all top notch. We’ve got information on this site about all of our people, so feel free to thoroughly check us out before calling.

What Type of Cases Do We Take?

We represent our clients on a contingency fee. That means we only get paid if we recover money for you. All calls to our office are entirely confidential, so you don’t need to worry about your boss finding out. For the most part, it’s free to speak with our staff to tell us your story. We sometimes charge a consultation fee if you want to meet with a lawyer in person, but that will be disclosed up front so there won’t be any surprises. After we get your story, our lawyers will review your case and decide whether or not to take the case.

The Value of an Employment Lawyer

The law is complicated. CA employment law is especially complicated. Most people know that they need help. But what does an employment lawyer actually do for you? What value do they bring? If you hire a great employment lawyer you will receive the following benefits:

  1. Your case is taken seriously by the bad guys. If you have a lawyer with a bad reputation, the defense lawyers will never pay you fair value for your case.
  2. The fear of a big verdict increases the settlement value. The only way to make the defense fear your lawyer is to hire a lawyer with trial success under his or her belt. And we’ve got plenty of big verdicts under our belt.
  3. The liability for your attorney fees increases settlement value. In some types of cases, you can win your attorney’s fees on top of your economic damages. This increases the value dramatically!
  4. Lawsuits are scary! Our employment lawyers know CA’s labor laws inside and out. We also know the legal system inside and out. It provides you with an incredible sense of relief to hand the case to us so you can focus on trying to find a new job.
  5. The Bohm Law Group has a great reputation with California judges. We’re really awesome trial lawyers. Judges know this and respect our team.
  6. BLG takes your case on a contingency fee. We also front the costs of the case so you don’t have to pay the court fees until the case settles. We know that most people who just got fired don’t have enough money to hire a lawyer and pay them by the hour. So its a great win/win that you don’t have to pay us out of pocket!

The Stages of an Employment Lawsuit

Employment lawsuits are extremely complicated and lengthy. You might be wondering what happens in the course of a lawsuit? What are the stages? What will your employment attorney be doing for you during each stage? Do they just file some paperwork with the judge and then sit back? Nope. Not even close.

File the Complaint & Early Motions

Bohm Law Group Employment Lawyers LogoYour employment attorney will first hear your story, collect all of your documents, and, in some cases, attempt to settle your case outside of court. This can be a time consuming stage as your team needs to learn all the facts before they can file your case. If early settlement fails, your lawyer will prepare the complaint and serve it on the bad guys. That starts the clock and the employer must respond or else risk a default judgment. The corporation’s lawyer will likely try to file an early motion to throw your case out. These are rarely successful.

Discovery & Depositions

After the first part of the case is over, the longest stage begins – discovery. To make it simple, “discovery” is the process where your employment lawyers get information and documents from the defense lawyers, and vice-versa. We send written demands for documents, admissions, and the identity of relevant witnesses. We then depose those witnesses. A deposition is where your lawyer sits down with the witness and grills them about the facts. We videotape all depositions and use the videotape at trial.

Mediation & Settlement Conferences

At some point during discovery or before trial, the parties usually attempt to settle the case. This usually takes the form of a “mediation.” Mediation is process where both sides of employment lawyers and their clients sit down with a neutral, 3rd party, mediator who helps the parties come to a settlement. The mediator is usually a former employment lawyer or former judge. If that fails, your Judge will require both sides to attend a mandatory settlement conference.

Trial & Appeal – Where Your Employment Lawyers Really Prove Their Value

On average, 95% of employment cases settle without the need for a trial. Unfortunately, some companies refuse to settle. If this happens the Bohm Law Group will be happy to try the case in front of a jury. Our track record speaks for itself. Trial usually lasts around two weeks. After trial, if there is an appeal, we would handle the appeal and argue your case before the appellate judges.

Don’t Be Afraid to Call – We’re Here To Help

The last thing we want to say to anyone who is thinking about calling a employment lawyer is this – don’t wait and don’t be afraid. Our team will be very happy to speak with you and give your case the consideration that it deserves. The call to our office will be confidential and won’t cost you a dime. But we don’t want you to wait as statutes of limitations apply to all legal claims. If you wait too long your case might expire. Contact our firm today! We promise you won’t regret it!



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