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If you live in the city of Escondido, and are dealing with a work issue such as sexual harassment or wrongful termination, schedule a consultation with employment lawyer Lawrance Bohm. With an office located in San Diego, Mr. Bohm represents clients in Escondido as well as the greater San Diego area.

About Escondido

About 30 miles northeast of San Diego, Escondido is estimated to have more than 114,000 residents. A lot of hardworking people live there. Top employers in town include: Palomar Medical Center, Escondido Union School District and ARS National Services. Escondido is also home of the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

While most companies respect the laws designed to protect worker rights, there are times when companies fail in this area. When a worker’s rights are violated, it’s recommended they contact an employment attorney.

San DiegoCases Handled by the Bohm Law Group

The following list contains the basic case types practiced by Bohm Group lawyers. Click on each link for more information the topics:

About Lawrance Bohm

Lawrance Bohm graduated from Tulane University Law School in 2000. During his early legal career, he litigated civil rights, personal injury and employment claims as an associate attorney. In 2005, he founded the Bohm Law Group, which has obtained multiple high-sum settlements and awards on behalf of its clients. Lawrance Bohm has assembled an elite team of associate attorneys.

Compensation for Employees

While it’s impossible to predict the outcome of a legal action, it is possible to discuss the different types of compensation a worker might recover in a lawsuit. Keep reading to learn more:

Back Pay

In cases where discrimination has led to a worker being denied proper wages, a court might order the company to issue back pay. This is an amount that can add up significantly depending on how long the discrimination has occurred.

Lost Wages

This type of compensation can be illustrated with a hypothetical example. Imagine an employee who is making $55,000 annually when wrongfully terminated. This employee could be issued the annual salary amount for each year he or she is unable to find work. At three years, this amount could total $165,000

Pain and Suffering

In addition to financial issues, a person who experiences discrimination or harassment could experience emotional and physical issues. These could include:

  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Other ailments

Punitive Damages

These types of awards often make headlines because of their high-sum amounts. However, they are rare. In order to obtain punitive damages, the employee must show that the company acted with fraud, malice or oppression.

Contacting an Attorney

While some employees hesitate to contact an attorney for fear of cost, it’s important to remember that it could be well worth it to schedule an initial consultation with an employment attorney to find out if a case exists. Often, attorneys take employment cases on a contingency basis.

If you have questions about employment law, or any of the issues discussed on this page, contact the Bohm Law Group for answers.


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