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If you live in Walnut Creek or some other city in the East Bay, and are dealing with an employment issue, consider contacting Walnut Creek employment attorney Lawrance Bohm. With offices located nearby in Sacramento and Stockton, Mr. Bohm represent clients in Walnut Creek, and throughout Northern California.

Known for its Mediterranean climate, rolling hills and wilderness trails, Walnut Creek is home to thousands of hard working Californians. With a population of 64,173 as of the 2010 census, the city’s top employers include Kaiser Permanente, Aetna, Safeway, John Muir Health and the United States Postal Service.

Most Californians know the value of hard work. And unfortunately in many cases, employees who experience unlawful discrimination or harassment will often suffer in silence.

However, there are times when a worker has to take a stand.

Workers planning to file a claim against an employer should do so with help the help of a good lawyer. Most companies know the value of legal representation and will often have one or multiple attorneys representing their interests.

About the Bohm Law Group

After graduating cum laude from Tulane Law School in 2000, Mr. Bohm worked as an associate attorney. In 2005, he founded the Bohm Law Group, which represents employee clients exclusively.

Since then, Mr. Bohm has assembled a team of highly skilled attorneys, each with unique specialties, who fight on behalf of their clients daily.

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Types of Cases Handled By Bohm Law

The following list generally outlines the types of employment cases handled by the Bohm Law Group. Click on the individual links for more information on each practice area. If you have further questions, contact the Bohm Law Group for more information.

What Can A Worker Recover in an Employment Lawsuit?

While it’s impossible to predict exactly what a person will recover in an employment lawsuit, it’s possible to discuss the types of compensation workers may be entitled to.

An employee who has been wrongfully dismissed, might be reinstated following a court judgment, and in addition, he or she could be entitled to back pay.

Meanwhile, employees who were wrongfully fired and unable to find work might be eligible for lost wages. Consider a hypothetical example in which a person made an annual salary of $50,000. If that person were awarded lost wages, he or she would be entitled to that amount for each year of unemployment.

Persons who suffer from headaches, insomnia, depression, anxiety and other health ailments as the result of harassment, discrimination or retaliation might be eligible for pain and suffering compensation.

Finally, in rare cases, punitive damages are awarded.

Whether or Not to Contact an Attorney

If you live in Walnut Creek, or some other Northern California city, and are dealing with an employment issue, it makes good sense to contact an attorney. Companies faced with discrimination, harassment or wrongful termination suits tend to take plaintiffs more seriously when represented by an attorney. Furthermore, when the plaintiff’s attorney has a track record of high-sum judgments (as in the case of Bohm Law Group), it can be an added advantage for the plaintiff.

California employment lawyers typically take cases on a contingency basis, which means the client doesn’t pay out-of-pocket expenses. Put simply, it could well be worth the time and effort to schedule an initial consultation.

If you have a question about employment law, contact Mr. Bohm to see how he can help.




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