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If you live in Oakland, or another Bay Area city, and are dealing with an employment issue such as harassment or discrimination, consider scheduling a consultation with employment attorney Lawrance Bohm. With offices located in nearby Stockton and Sacramento, Mr. Bohm represents clients in Oakland and throughout Alameda County.

Oakland Works Hard, Lawrance Bohm Works Hard for Oakland

According to US census data, Oakland has a population of more than 400,000 residents — the eighth largest city in California, and the fifth busiest port in the country. Top employers in town include Kaiser Permanente, Southwest Airlines, United Parcel Service and Bay Area Rapid Transit. It goes without saying that Oakland is home to many hardworking people.

While most of us have been instilled with a respect for the companies that create jobs, there are times when businesses and employers flaunt laws designed to protect worker rights. When this happens, it’s recommended a worker contact a good employment attorney.


About Lawrance Bohm and the Bohm Law Group

Lawrance Bohm attended law school at the Tulane University, where he graduated cum laude in 2000. After graduation, he took a position as an associate attorney handling personal injury, civil rights and employment litigation. In 2005, he struck out on his own and founded the Bohm Law Group.  He set about securing a number of high-sum settlements and awards for his clients while assembling a team of highly-qualified attorneys.

Cases Handled by the Bohm Group

The following list outlines the basic cases handled by the Bohm Group. Click on the links for more information on each topic.

Types of Compensation Workers Might Be Entitled To

While it’s impossible to predict what an employee might win in a discrimination or harassment lawsuit, it is possible to discuss the different types of compensation available.

Back Pay

This type of award is granted in cases where discrimination or other workplace violation led to an employee being denied rightful wages. This is sometimes seen in leave of absence cases.

Lost Wages

This type of compensation can be illustrated with a hypothetical example. Imagine an employee who is making $45,000 annual salary when he or she is wrongfully terminated. After termination, this employee is unable to find work for three years. If awarded lost wages, this employee might collect the salary amount for each year without work. In this case, the amount would total $135,00.

Pain and Suffering

An employee who experiences harassment or discrimination at work might also experience pain and suffering, and be entitled to compensation. Pain and suffering could include any of the following:

  • Depression
  • Panic Attacks
  • Insomnia
  • Muscle Pain
  • Other Ailments

Contacting an Employment Attorney

If you live in Oakland, the East Bay, or somewhere in Northern California, and have dealt with a workplace issue such as harassment, it is recommended you contact a good employment attorney. Why? For starters, any company you file a claim against is almost sure to have an attorney of its own. It’s also worth noting that a company will usually take a case more seriously if the plaintiff is represented by a good lawyer.

Often, there’s little to lose by exploring your options with a lawyer. It could be well worth the time and effort of scheduling an initial consultation. If you have questions about harassment, discrimination or some other work place issue, contact the Bohm Law Group to see how the attorneys there can help you.

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