Melika Amini


Melissa Amini | Bohm Law GroupAttorney Melika Amini was born and raised in Tehran, Iran. At the age of 18, Ms. Amini moved to London, United Kingdom for further education. Ms. Amini attended Kingston University for her undergraduate degree where she obtained a BSc in Biomedical Science with honors in 2012. Ms. Amini then earned her first law degree from Kingston University in United Kingdom. In 2014, Ms. Amini moved to Los Angeles, California where she attended Southwestern Law School and graduated from Master of Laws (L.L.M). Prior to attending law school, Ms. Amini was a human rights’ activist where she fought for human rights of others and that was the main reason she decided to pursuit her career in law as she wanted to continue to protect the civil and constitutional rights of others.

While in law school, Ms. Amini worked in the Legal Advice Center, where amongst other things, she provided legal services as well as advocating on behalf of low-income clients. While in law school, Ms. Amini was part of a human rights’ organization and wrote a few articles about the violation of human rights in developing countries. While in law school, Ms. Amini also worked as an intern at Colemans Ctts Solicitors, and as a case coordinator at Bohm Law Group.

Miss Amini began working at Bohm Law Group in June 2016. At the Bohm Law Group, Ms. Amini has assisted in drafting various motions, conducting extensive legal research, has assisted in all stages of trial preparations, and she is a valued point of contact for potential new clients.


  • BSc (Hons) Kingston University
  • GDL Kingston University
  • L.L.M Southwestern Law School



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