Elder Abuse

Bohm Law Group defends the rights and dignity of our nation’s elderly men and women who deserve our respect and admiration. Our firm is committed to fighting what the World Health Organization has described as “…a violation of human rights and a significant cause of illness, injury, loss of productivity, isolation and despair.”

Elder Abuse may include:

  • Physical Abuse—Inflicting, or threatening to inflict, physical pain or injury on a vulnerable elder, or depriving them of a basic need.
  • Emotional Abuse—Inflicting mental pain, anguish, or distress on an elder person through verbal or nonverbal acts.
  • Sexual Abuse—Non-consensual sexual contact of any kind, coercing an elder to witness sexual behaviors.
  • Exploitation—Illegal taking, misuse, or concealment of funds, property, or assets of a vulnerable elder.
  • Neglect—Refusal or failure by those responsible to provide food, shelter, health care or protection for a vulnerable elder.
  • Abandonment—The desertion of a vulnerable elder by anyone who has assumed the responsibility for care or custody of that person.

If you, or someone you know, believe that they may have a potential case concerning elder abuse please do not hesitate to contact us or begin an online case submission.

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