Brenda Barragan

Brenda BarraganBrenda Barragan was born in San Jose and raised in Los Banos, California. In August of 2014, she packed up her bags and headed for Los Angeles. Her goal was to obtain a degree in Fashion Marketing, but she soon came to the conclusion that she found no interest in studying fashion.

Ms. Barragan always found politics to be fascinating and would constantly get into small debates with her family about a wide range of political issues. In August of 2016, she started attending Pierce College to study Political Science.

In September of 2016, Ms. Barragan joined the Bohm Law Group as a Case Coordinator at the Woodland Hills office. Within a few months, she was promoted to be a Case Manager.

Some of her passions include animals, fashion, and dance. On her free time, she enjoys visiting and travelling to new places, spending time with her loved ones, and cooking.


  • California Employment Lawyers Association (CELA)


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