Ann Strimov Durbin

Ann Strimov Durbin | Bohm Law GroupAnn Strimov Durbin returned to the practice of law at Bohm Law Group and V. James DeSimone Law in November of 2021 after a career in international human rights, social impact, and strategic philanthropy.  Ann obtained her J.D. from UCLA School of Law, with a concentration in public interest law and policy.  While at UCLA Law, she was a Moot Court winner and a member of the Moot Court Board, as well as a participant in multiple clinics focused on international justice and accountability, including as a founding member of the International Criminal Court Forum.  Before law school, she was a philanthropic advisor at Wellspring Philanthropic Fund, focusing on human rights, international justice, peace and security, and war-affected children.  She obtained her BA in Philosophy and Political Science and her Master of International Affairs with a specialization in Human Rights from Columbia University in New York.

During and after law school, Ann practiced Alien Tort Litigation, focused on holding individuals and corporations complicit in gross human rights and humanitarian law violations to account, with renowned litigator and activist Paul Hoffman.  She moved away from practicing law for several years, working as director of advocacy and projects on-the-ground for a genocide and mass atrocity prevention organization based in Los Angeles.  In this role, Ann oversaw projects designed to empower communities impacted by atrocities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, Chad, Bangladesh, and Syria.  She also spearheaded multiple advocacy initiatives and help build coalitions around the Rohingya in Myanmar and Uyghurs in China.

The protests that erupted in the Summer of 2020, as well as general concern over the deterioration of human rights here at home, motivated Ann to focus her energies domestically after a long career of trying to elevate marginalized communities abroad.  After working as a social impact strategist, helping to design-build, incubate and launch various social change initiatives and funds for activists and philanthropists, including in the areas of BIPOC mental health, prison reform, international development, and COVID-19 assistance, Ann decided to return to the practice of law to hone her skills as a civil rights advocate.  She is thrilled to be a member of the V. James DeSimone team at Bohm Law Group, where she continues to be an impassioned and indefatigable defender of the rights of her clients.  As always, Ann is driven by her deep calling to eradicate othering in all its forms and empower targeted or marginalized communities to become their own agents of sustainable change.  She looks forward to further growing her skills so that she can continue her life-long commitment to stopping rights-effacing policies and securing justice for individuals and their broader communities.

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